Telekom Srbija receives Sustainability Champion prize

The environmental project of Telekom Srbija No Species Dies Alone has been declared one of the best projects of this year’s competition „Champions of Sustainability“. This recognition is awarded to companies that aligned their business operations and sustainability strategies with the Sustainable Development Goal and made their contribution to their implementation.

The project named No Species Dies Alone was rewarded for its contribution to the resolution of the global environmental problem with the aim of preserving biological diversity. The valuable prize was presented within the CSR/ESG Forum by the Responsible Business Forum and Smart Collective for the purpose of empowering and promoting the good practices of companies which, as part of the business sector, are contributing to the fulfilment of the Agenda 2030.

“We are very proud of this award as it represents a great recognition for our company. In the decade devoted to the preservation of biodiversity at the global level, Telekom Srbija implemented under the umbrella campaign No Species Dies Alone an array of additional activities to assist in the preservation of biological diversity and contribute to the network of life which we are all part of. In the joint fight for the preservation of ecological balance, we made our contribution by supporting the associations and organizations dealing with the protection of rare and endangered species, with the application of cutting-edge mobile telecommunications technologies”, said the head of the Public Relations Department of Telekom Srbija, Marija Bošković.

The activities within the project No Species Dies Alone are being implemented at multiple levels. Telekom Srbija lends its direct financial support for the procurement of sophisticated equipment for monitoring and field activities, offers professional assistance regarding some technical solutions, conducts a broad educational campaign to raise the public awareness about the connection between all biological species, highlights how important particular endangered species are for the man, and draws attention to the endangering factors because of which the species are vanishing and the protection measures of essential significance for the preservation of the network of life.

Telekom Srbija’s strategic objectives are aimed at furthering the telecommunications network and digital services exclusively through the application of the principles of sustainable development, efficient use of resources and reduction in negative effects on the environment. As a member of the Global Compact, the Company is operating in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and applying the general environmental protection measures in the implementation of its business activities. The No Species Dies Alone project represents the Company’s direct contribution to the achievement of Goal 15 (Life on Land), and sub-goal 15.5 pertaining to the protection of biodiversity and natural habitats.