About us

Telekom Srbija Group, with its headquarters in Serbia and operations across the region, is one of the largest telecommunications operators in Southeast Europe, with almost 11 million users and annual revenue of 1.3 billion euros.

Ownership and markets

With high yield rating, presence in 6 telecommunications markets (SRB, CG, BIH, MK, AUS, CH) and significantly greater coverage of media content, Telekom Srbija is somenone to keep an eye on.

Management and Corporate structure

As a technology company, Telekom Srbija subordinated its organizational structure to the successful introduction of new technologies. The CEOs of all subsidiaries together with the Telekom Srbija CEO form one successful Executive Managment Team.

International Affairs

Dealing with regulatory and European affairs is an essential part of the Telekom Srbija operations abroad. We believe that transparency is our large asset. In this context, we want to be heard in political as well as business discussions and contribute our technical expertise on international, European and national level.

Company Milestones

From 1997. till present day, Telekom Serbia had a history of successes, marked with important milestones in both corporate and business.