Business Operations

Telekom Srbija is one of the biggest companies in the South-Eastern European region. With over 10 million customers, we are one of the largest telco operators in the region, and we have a strong presence in Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, and Macedonia. At Telekom, we have been shaping the digital world for more than 20 years. Our team is a dedicated group of over 5,000 employees in five countries.

Telco Operators

Telekom Serbia is the leading telco provider in the region with the largest customer care and sales force, covering almost the entire territory with own sales network and indirect channels.

TV Content Business

Providing content worldwide from our production
Telekom Srbija is the region’s largest video and TV content producer and Worldwide content provider to other Telco and Streaming platforms, such as Disney + (India), GloboPay (Brazil), Somos Next (USA), Flix Lation (Puerto Rico), Pop TV, Brio channel, Voyo (Slovenia), RTL, and Play Premium (Croatia)

Corporate Venture Fund

TS Ventures Fund established in 2021 by Telekom Srbija, as the first Corporate Ventures Capital Fund in this part of Europe.

Our primary goal is to support and invest in technological and business solutions, which due to their innovation in the market can lead to rapid and major transformations.

R&D Center

mts sistemi i integracije was founded with the purpose of helping IT integration and transforming R&D processes for the Telekom Srbija group, with a strong focus on Multimedia, Business, and ICT Solutions. Our products have been successfully implemented within the Telekom Srbija group in the Balkan region and Europe.

Our primary goal in the future is to become the main research and development center for the entire Telekom Srbija Group and to offer our solutions and products to other customers globally.