TV Content Business

The media landscape is changing rapidly. The ever increasing convergence of media and changing user habits are posing new challenges for production teams. While we make an effort to follow the most recent trends, we also manage to adapt to the demands and opportunities of the local and regional markets with the advanced technology equipment, top experts, producers and actors to continue breaking boundaries and setting new standards in content creation.

Telekom Srbija has been developing its own TV content capabilities through the production and distribution of exclusive sports programming. We expanded on our previous experience by producing TV shows and films that quickly became synonymous with high quality and modern standards in the West Balkans.

Exclusive Sports Rights

Exclusive provider of sports rights for all other telco operators in six country in the region – Premier League, UEFA, Italian, Spanish, French Football League, ABA, NBA, NFL, National Football league

Content Production

Telekom Srbija is the region’s largest video and TV content producer with international expansion. Worldwide content provider to other Telco and Streaming platforms, such as Disney + (India), GloboPay (Brazil), Somos Next (USA), Flix Lation (Puerto Rico), Pop TV, Brio channel, Voyo (Slovenia), RTL, and Play Premium (Croatia)

Internationally acclaimed TV Shows

TV Channel production

High-quality content and exclusive programming from the a leading content producer with our own TV channels production, exclusive information channel and partnerships with Euronews and Bloomberg.

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