Telekom Srbija continues to support Serbian basketball

On the premises of the Serbian Basketball Association a ceremony has been held at which a sponsorship agreement between the Serbian Basketball Association and the national telecommunications operator, Telekom Srbija, has been signed to uphold long-standing successful cooperation. The agreement was signed by the president of the Association, Predrag Danilović, and Telekom Srbija CEO Vladimir Lučić.

The president of the Serbian Basketball Association, Predrag Danilović, said he was pleased with the renewed cooperation and added: “I would like to thank Telekom Srbija and Mr Vladimir Lučić for their cooperation so far which was very important for us and I am very pleased with the fact that the agreement was signed with a view to continuing this cooperation. The fact that the Basketball Association has one such powerful partner is both an honour and a great obligation to live up to the trust placed in us through our efforts and results. The importance of the partnership is actually multifaceted because although our senior national team is the first association for all basketball fans, cooperation with Telekom Srbija actually gives us the opportunity to provide adequate conditions for work and development both to our younger teams and those who are the future of our basketball.”After making the continuation of cooperation with the most successful Serbian company official, Mr. Danilović presented a symbolic gift to Mr. Vladimir Lučić – the national team jersey bearing number one.

“Since its set-up 25 years ago, Telekom Srbija has been supporting sports in Serbia, of which we are very proud. However, I have to admit that backing our national squads is still something special, because it unites us all in our efforts to be the best in sports and to be worthy representatives of our country, which is something our basketball players have often managed to do. I wish our national team success in the European Championship and may they win a medal in this strongest competition ever. I would also like to thank Mr. Danilović for the successful cooperation so far. I am confident that the new agreement we have signed today will bring our partnership to an even higher level,” Telekom Srbija CEO Vladimir Lučić, concluded.