Telekom Srbija and Ericsson demonstrate 5G solution for enhancing customer experience

The Telekom Srbija and Ericsson companies demonstrate the possibilities of 5G technology in the domain of enriching customer experience during watching sports or other entertainment content at TELFOR. Upon demonstrating the application, the presentation zone of Telekom Srbija at this expert forum was visited by the information and telecommunications minister, Mihailo Jovanović.

The possibilities were demonstrated by a special mobile application, so that those present watched the futsal match live choosing from which angle they wanted to watch it, since six special cameras were placed around the futsal court. 5G technology made it possible to broadcast the video signal from all cameras on the telephone screen without a delay, since 5G can instantly transfer a large quantity of data. Such a presentation contributes to an entirely new experience of watching matches regardless of whether the viewer is situated at the stadium itself or elsewhere.

The CEO of Telekom Srbija Vladimir Lučić thinks that 5G is not just an evolutionary step, but a revolutionary leap which will make the new technologies and concepts ubiquitous.

“For the telecommunications operators themselves, 5G is the key driver of change since this technology transcends the issues of connectivity, speeds or delays. Telco operators must find the strategies which will turn 5G into a platform for introducing and connecting various innovative concepts, such as augmented reality or artificial intelligence, which will allow the customers an entirely new experience and open up huge business possibilities in numerous industries and other sectors”, said Vladimir Lučić.

Natali Delić, the chief officer for strategy and digital of Telekoma Srbija, said that by this demonstration, the company wanted to show how 5G will determine the future of watching various sports, entertainment, cultural and educational content.

“The new dimension of customer experience is that the customer can take the director’s chair and choose for himself how he wants to watch his favourite content – change the camera or see the goal or foul from a different angle, rewind the recording and immediately see what happens on the other side of the field, or be a part of a theatrical performance in an entirely new manner, where he can watch the performance from various angles. The possibilities are really unlimited and Telekom Srbija will continue to lead the digital transformation in the region and allow its customers the best of the innovative digital solutions”, said Natali Delić.Antonio Passarella, the director of the Ericsson company for Western Balkans, expressed his satisfaction with the company’s cooperation with Telekom Srbija and the opportunities for a joint demonstration of the rich possibilities that 5G offers to end users and companies.“5G is a game changer in the domain of live broadcast production and streaming media content from sports and music venues, which allows the fans of such events to enjoy an immersive experience which places them at the centre of the action. As long-term partners, we will continue to offer support to Telekom Srbija in modernizing and improving the national digital infrastructure which is a precondition for resolving various social and economic challenges, and for further improvement and enhancement of customer experience”, said Antonio Passarella.