New sequel to series Professor Mišković’s notebook announced

Belgrade, 13 February 2023 – Telekom Srbija and Košutnjak Film production companies, together with the cast of the series entitled Professor Mišković’s Notebook are looking forward to February 20 when episode one of Series 2 is scheduled to be screened.

The protagonists of the series addressed a press conference to mark the start of the new season. Zoran Janković, the producer, said that after less than a year of filming, 14 new episodes were ready to be screened. He added that the sequel was much more demanding than Season 1 in terms of the filming locations, the number of actors and the time periods which the viewers would be able to see.

For the needs of filming Season 2 of Professor Mišković’s Notebook, written based on the book by Ratko Dmitrović, used was the CGI advanced technology in order to present, in an authentic manner, the events and sites in the period between 441 and 2003 as covered by the screenplay.

“The topic is much more complex as compared to Season 1, but our ambitions were greater, too. The series opens up the door to the new genre which has not been dealt with so far and whose only limit is our imagination”, said director Miroslav Lekić.

In Series 2, the protagonists follow the clues across Serbia, discovering its mystical parts and features as they continue their quest for the secret hidden in the notebook. The new episodes were filmed in Viminatium, Titel, and Đerdap, whereas Mt Rtanj was the principal location.

“The fantasy genre is not addressed much in the domestic and regional markets unlike the international market, which testifies to Telekom Srbija’s desire to ensure that the viewers across the world can see our series, which is our strategic goal”, said Aleksandra Martinovićhead of the Telekom Srbija Multimedia Division.

The key topic of the sequel addresses supernatural phenomena and private relationships between the protagonists in various circumstances. As in the first sequel, Professor Mišković’s Notebook portrays the attempts by the chief protagonists to resolve the mysterious phenomena with much more serious implications and answer some questions concerning the quintessence of our existence.
“Our civilization has a secret fate and if we assume that there is a second dimension in this world, then I believe that Professor Mišković’s Notebook has found a passage to it”, saidAnica Dobra who has one of the main roles in the sequel.

Her colleague,Svetozar Cvetković, said that what the audiences would be able to see differed both from the aesthetic and acting point of view as compared to Season 1.

“I would like to thank Telekom Srbija for being bold enough to embark on a project of this kind and for being even bolder to continue to develop it. The outcome of such boldness is more than evident”, Cvetković concluded.

Besides Anica Dobra and Svetozar Cvetković, the cast also includes: Momčilo Otašević, Aleksandar Srećković Kubura, Isidora Građanin, Tijana Čurović, Danica Radulović, Miloš Samolov, Isidora Janković, etc… As of 20 February, the sequel to the series Professor Mišković’s Notebook will be screened workdays at 9 p.m. on Superstar Channel.