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A press conference ahead of the upcoming premiere of the film by the director and author Radoš Bajić, “The Heroes of Halyard”, was held at the Roda Cineplex cinema in Belgrade on October 5, 2023.
In cooperation with the municipalities of Mali Iđoš and Apatin, the Telekom Srbija company presented the digital platform called “For My City”, which it developed in order to allow the local self-governments in Serbia to along with the citizens create better living conditions in their communities. The platform consists of the mobile and web applications, the functions of which were demonstrated exactly in these two municipalities that became the first users.
The Telekom Srbija company donated ten smart boards, sports equipment and chess boards to elementary schools in Kosovo and Metohija. During his visit to the schools, the CEO of Telekom Srbija, Vladimir Lučić, handed over these valuable donations as a form of support of our company to the education of children and youth from this region.
Apart from the golden shades of autumn, the end of September brings us the best domestic series produced by Telekom Srbija that are already traditionally shown on the Superstar TV channel. In the program schedule for this autumn we will be able to watch the exclusive premieres of the long awaited series on the small screen. Among them, the series based on true events, such as “The Storm” (“Oluja”) and “The Tunnel” (“Tunel”), as well as the series “Toma”, a biographical story about our great folk musician, will undoubtedly attract the most attention.
Sarajevo, 14 August 2023 – This year too, Telekom Srbija, a leader in the production of series and films in this part of Europe, has taken part in the regional Sarajevo Film Festival presenting its new projects to experts, a great many actors, filmmakers and film critics. Twelve series from Telekom Srbija’s production were included in the selection for this year’s Heart of Sarajevo award.