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At a ceremony marking the presentation of the Đorđe Weifert National Award for Corporate Social Responsibility for 2022, organized by the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Telekom Srbija was presented with a special award for its contribution to the preservation of biological diversity and for its outstanding commitment to social responsibility, for its project No Species Dies Alone. Danijela Simeunović, head of the Corporate Social Responsibility Service, received the award on behalf of the Company.
Belgrade, 27 March 2023 – The US company Microsoft and Telekom Srbija’s TS Ventures Fund have signed an agreement on business and technical cooperation envisaging that the startups which undergo the selection process and qualify for the investments backed by TS Ventures Fund, will also get Microsoft’s support, so that they will have up to EUR 150,000 worth of its services at their disposal. The said amount equals the value of products and services which startups can use within Microsoft’s Founders Hub programme – related to Microsoft Azure, Visual Studio Enterprise, Github Enterprise, Microsoft 365, LinkedIn, Dynamics365, but also partner offers – such as OpenAi, Stripe, Bubble and many other services available within the associated benefits.
The competition of gifted secondary school students in creating mobile applications - Regional app challenge , has been held for a sixth time in a row with the participation of secondary school students of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro. Members of the Telekom Srbija Group – Telekom Srbija, m:tel BiH and m:tel Crna Gora were the organizers of the competition, while m:tel BiH was the host to this year’s regional competition.
Season 3 of the series that was first in these regions to feature mystic elements starts airing on 13 March on Superstar TV. The new episodes directed by Milica Lee Filipovski and Leon Lučev will be aired workdays at 9 p.m. The screenplay was written by Marijana Čulić Vićentić and Bojana Maljević. The producers of the new season include Monte Royal Pictures and Telekom Srbija. The head of the Telekom Srbija Multimedia Division, Aleksandra Martinović, said she was pleased the popular series would have its sequel.
At the 12th app competition staged by Telekom Srbija, creative solutions for mobile apps were featured by gifted secondary-school students in an online presentation. The jury pronounced the following apps as the winners: Dođi na red (Queue up), a team from the grammar school Jovan Jovanović Zmaj, Novi Sad,Tower Defense Game, a team from the grammar school Boljai, Senta, E-vent and Pawalk , teams from the grammar school Bora Stanković, Niš, and N-Era app, a team from the High School for Computing in Belgrade, and the company rewarded the teams of students and their mentors with Samsung Galaxy A53 mobile handsets. The winners of this year’s competition are to take part at the 6th Regional App Challenge, where they will compete with the teams from Bosnia-Herzegovina and Montenegro.
Telekom Srbija and Košutnjak Film production companies, together with the cast of the series entitled Professor Mišković's Notebook are looking forward to February 20 when episode one of Series 2 is scheduled to be screened. The protagonists of the series addressed a press conference to mark the start of the new season. Zoran Janković, the producer, said that after less than a year of filming, 14 new episodes were ready to be screened. He added that the sequel was much more demanding than Season 1 in terms of the filming locations, the number of actors and the time periods which the viewers would be able to see.