Children’s world is bigger than a screen

Numerous positive aspects of technological progress in recent decades, especially in the field of mobile communications development, have contributed to global social prosperity and the fact that new generations of children are naturally exposed to digital technology from an early age. Almost since the appearance of these devices, however, there has been a debate about the impact of digital device screens on children’s development. Therefore, for parents and professionals who deal with the early development of children throughout the world, one of the very important topics is finding a way to limit the child’s time in front of the screen and direct it towards adequate content.

As a regional leader in the sphere of telecommunications and a responsible player in the communities where it operates, Telekom Srbija launched a socially responsible campaign entitled Children’s World Is Bigger Than A Screen. The aim of the campaign is to secure additional space and hear expert opinion on this topic and thus offer support to parents and the public about the importance of balanced  use of screens and digital devices in the early development of children.

Within the project, the company will organize four panel discussions where experts from various spheres will take place: dr Ranko Rajović, the head of the Department for Neurosciences in Education, the Pedagogical Faculty Kopar, master speech therapist Marijana Mirković from the Institute for Psychophysiological Disorders and Speech Pathology “Prof. Dr Cvetko Brajović”, as well as doc. dr Bojana Drljan from the Faculty for Special Education and Rehabilitation. The panels will be moderated by Dolores Milošev Erdeg, a journalist and author of the podcast “A Healthy Story with Dolores”.

The panel debates will be open to public with previous registration and they will be held in Belgrade on 12 May, in Novi Sad on 25 May, in Kragujevac on 8 June and in Niš on 15 June 2024. A friend of the project is the Sava Centre, which is as the largest congress, cultural and business centre in Serbia, offered its support in the organization of the Belgrade panel discussion.

Children are the most vulnerable part of any community. A responsible approach to their development affects the future of the entire society. Modern times raise many questions to which an individual does not always have precise answers. And that is why it is important to hear from experts about the best practices and strategies for balancing children’s digital and physical activities in order to provide guidance on the proper use of digital device screens in their daily lives.

The launching of this campaign, as well as the topics that provide a response to the global and local challenges of the modern society and establishing the trends in the sphere of socially responsible operations, is one of the permanent strategic commitments of Telekom Srbija.