MTEL Turkey premieres film entitled Nedelja (Sunday) in Istanbul

The film entitled Nedelja (Sunday in translation), which portrays the life of a great music star, Džej Ramadanovski, has been premiered in the Atlas theatre in Instanbul. The premiere of this film, seen by more than a million people in Europe so far, was organized by MTEL Turkey. MTEL Turkey is the youngest TV operator in this country’s market, offering top-quality TV content from the Balkans, Turkey and the world.

Thanks to this company, after the premiere, the Istanbul cinema-goers had an opportunity to meet the actors performing in the film, Stefan Vukić and Maša Đorđević, and the producer, Vladan Anđelković.


“MTEL Turkey is a company distributing TV channels in the Turkish market. We offer the entire TV content of all former Yugoslav republics as well as Turkish and international channels. This season we made a TV package for hotels on the Turkish coastline to ensure that guests from the Balkans, who spend their summer vacations in Turkish resorts in large numbers, can view their national tv while on holiday. All this is part of our strategic plan to expand to the Turkish market and familiarize our customers with all the benefits of MTEL television”, MTEL Turkey CEO Zoran Drašković, said and added he was pleased with the fact that precisely that company hosted the premier of the Nedelja film in Turkey.


 Nedelja, a move jointly produced by Telekom Srbija and Pelicula Production, portrays the life of the popular singer, Džej Ramadanovski, from his early youth to the beginning of his music career. The boy from the Dorćol district, charming but ill-tempered, spent part of his youth in correctional institutions from which this story begins. Despite his life being difficult, he earned a place on the music scene although singing was just a casual entertainment for him.

“I am proud of the fact that it was precisely the film about Džej that premiered to our Turkish friends and that it was met with such a warm welcome. We shall see to it that it premiered in the whole of Turkey, too“ said the producer, Vladan Anđelković.

The premiere of the film Nedelja elicited a great public interest hence the guests at the premiere also included the deputy governor of Istanbul, representatives of the consulates of Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Macedonia and many other distinguished guests. The reactions from the audiences demonstrated that a good film was easily recognized on all meridians and that it had the kind of universality which the viewers can relate to.

Following the premiere, the film will first be screened precisely for the users of MTEL Turkey television to whom also available are the best films, series and music from the Balkans. For those of them who prefer sports, MTEL Turkey offers a rich sports content both from the former Yugoslav region and the world.