25 Women Leaders for 25 Women Entrepreneurs

Telekom Srbija is the place where women’s entrepreneurship lives in practice! We are proud of the fact that women’s entrepreneurs make up half of our managerial team at all levels, from executive to operative.

We believe that the manner in which we foster the values of equal opportunities and equalities in corporate governance may serve as an inspiration for women who ventured to develop professionally as entrepreneurs.

To this end, we implemented a mentoring programme aimed at offering support and empowering entrepreneurs on the road to achieving their business ideas.

Symbolically, 25 women entrepreneurs took part in the programme – hence in this manner we marked the 25th anniversary of the set up our company.

The mentoring programme, created in accordance with the criteria, requirements and needs of contemporary business, included individual mentoring sessions and group workshops at which Telekom Srbija’s selected women mentors and leaders shared their expertise, experience and energy.

Each women entrepreneurship had an opportunity to apply for three individual mentoring sessions with the women leaders of their choice, whereas all of them together attended a total of five group workshops covering the following topics:

– Natali Delić, chief officer for strategy and digital–Digitalization as the accelerator of business strategy,

– Katarina Subotić, chief sales officer–Open the window to the development of your business,

– Slađana Dedić, head of the Controlling Department–How business controlling may assist you to promote your business,

– Suzana Marović, head of the Development Department–Better people for a better business,

– Suzana Berić, head of the Department for Brand Strategy and Marketing Communications– How important is the brand and what is the role of the marketing sector in creating business?

The participants in the programme shared their extremely positive impressions and received important knowledge and insights and struck up valuable friendships. The women leaders and mentors of our Company, thanks to whom the programme was implemented, also testified to having positive impressions.

Part of the atmosphere of one of the group workshops and impressions about the programme of the participants and mentors are shared in the video below.

We thank all colleagues who, in the role of women leaders and mentors, presented our company in the best light in one in a string of socially responsible projects which we continually implement.