12th cycle of mts app competition open

In accordance with the good practice in the sphere of social responsibility and support for young talents, the Telekom Srbija company has launched the 12th mts app competition for the creation of applications for mobile devices.

The invitation to participate in the competition was delivered to addresses of 51 schools working according to the program for talents in the sphere of mathematics, information science and computing. The students were given the task to design and create a useful and interesting application for mobile devices, and the jury will, apart from the originality of the idea and complexity in code resolution, especially value the applications that are socially responsible, improve the use of mobile handsets and contribute to the developement of telecommunications services or the protection of the environment.

Valuable awards and precious experience that they acquire working on the application are an excellent motive for all the participants to whom the mts app competition offers the chance to connect, following their similar interests, and thus share their knowledge and skills. Once again this year the competition shall be implemented in the online format, while presentations will be prepared for the participants for the purpose of acquainting them with the requirements of the competition, topics and former successful examples of applications.

Upon the completion of the mts app competition, five winning teams and applications shall get the chance to participate in the Regional App Challenge and compete for the main and special awards with the students from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro, because the competition is organized under the same conditions by m:tel BiH and m:tel CG.

So far 193 teams have presented as many as 200 applications within the mts app competition. The competition is part of the umbrella program “We Support the Initiators”, which Telekom Srbija has launched with the aim of empowering individuals and institutions to launch positive changes in their environment. The mts app competition has been included in the selection of the prestigious European organization CSR Europe, as an example of successful cooperation with young people, and is also supported by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development.

The deadline for the entry of teams’ applications along with a brief description of applications that the teams are planning to create is 25 November 2022, while the registered teams are supposed to submit the completed applications until 27 January 2023.