Traditional New Year’s book donation for school libraries

In the spirit of festive joy and gift-making, Telekom Srbija continues its long-term campaign of giving books to elementary schools, through which it encourages the reading spirit and the development of imagination and creativity among the youngest. By this year’s donation of over 900 books, among which are the classics and popular editions for young people, such as the Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Lily Alone by Jacqueline Wilson and the Valentines, the libraries of another ten schools will be enriched with the selected titles of domestic and international literature. 

For nine years in a row, Telekom Srbija has been making its donations to elementary schools that have previosly addressed the National Library of Serbia. In selecting the schools, the need to renew the book fund has priority, which is why there are schools from bigger cities among the selected schools but also those from smaller communities. This donation is made as part of the umbrella program “We Support the Initiators”, by which Telekom Srbija actively encourages institutions and individuals to launch positive changes in their environment.     

At the same time, within this umbrella program, the company through its project called “We Create Knowledge” emphasizes the importance of investment in education and development of creativity of elementary school children. Over the last seven years it has equipped 140 information science classrooms in 140 elementary shcools throughout the country, as another step toward the improvement of education and digital literacy of elementary school children. 

By the New Year’s book donation, Telekom Srbija fosters love toward classical literatue and remains committed to its mission to shape a better future for younger generations through its programs and donations, offering them the necessary tools for success in the digital era.

This year, thanks to the valuable donation of Telekom Srbija, the libraries of the following elementary schools have enriched their book fund: the Elementary School Branko Radičević from Štavalj, the Elementary School Mika Mitrović from Brezjak, the Elementary School Sijarinska Banja from Sijarinska Banja, the Elementary School Vuk Karadžić from Pečenjevce, the Elementary School Vitko i Svet from Gadžin Han, the Elementary School Branko Radičević from Trgovište, the Elementary School Stojan Novaković – the remote unit Letnjikovac from Šabac, the Elementary School Toplički Heroji from Žitorađa, the Elementary School Mika Mitrović from Bogatić and the Elementary School Borivoje Ž. Milojević from Krupanj.