mts is the first operator in Serbia to introduce digital onboarding and video identification

In line with its strategic commitment to be a reliable partner in a digital world without borders, mts has made particular services much more accessible for its customers through the services for the digital verification of personal identity with supreme user experience. The Digital Onboarding and Video Identification service, developed in cooperation with a local company, Blinking, is now available to all its customers via the application, Selfcare Portal and the Moj mts mobile application.

The first services to be so implemented include Prepaid Number Registration, Moj mts Account Deblocking and Personal Data Updating. The novelty may be of particular importance for prepaid customers given that it was announced that as of the following year, prepaid number registration would be obligatory.

The course of identification includes two related parts – digital onboarding, when the customer scans their personal document (ID card or passport), photographs their face, and enters their address and contact details, and video identification, that is, a call with the video operator to verify their identity. Once the identity has been confirmed, the request is granted and the customer is notified thereof by email. The procedure itself is simple and intuitive, and takes only a few minutes, without having to visit a store.

“Telekom Srbija has always been committed to offering its customers a full digital experience. This time too, in cooperation with its partners from the Blinking company, it has developed a video identification service, thus enabling them to identify online without having to go to a store. As the registration of all unregistered prepaid numbers will be requisite in the period to come, we wanted to help our customers to complete it swiftly and easily, which is the essence of digital services. Apart from the registration of their prepaid numbers, in the first phase, our customers will use the new service to update their personal data and request that their moj mts account be deblocked“, said Ana Komnenović, the manager of the Department for the Development of Telekom Srbija Digital Channels, Digital Platforms and services.

The partnership with the Blinking company makes it possible for the customers to check and fully verify their identities online, which significantly improves user experience. The process takes only a few minutes and users may complete it from any location anytime, provided that they carry with them a device with a camera and that they have Internet access.

“The inclusion of our solution in the Telekom Srbija services ensures a swift and simple user identity verification process using online channels”, said Miloš Milovanović, the co-founder and operations director of the Blinking company. “I am confident that this partnership will result in greater customer satisfaction, reducing the risk of fraud and promoting the efficiency of Telekom Srbija’s business operations. I also expect the Blinking Identify solution to become a standard in the telecommunications industry soon,” he concluded.   

Services to be implemented in such an innovative manner are expected to rise in numbers in the near future.