Mts  has been declared the best mobile network based on benchmarking done by the specialized German company NET CHECK, by which it once again confirmed that it is the leading mobile operator in Serbia. After extensive research and measurements conducted in in April and May 2024, this company dealing with the benchmarking of mobile networks confirmed the supreme quality of mobile services in the mts network throughout Serbia.

The benchmarking showed that mts was the best mobile network in Serbia in the sphere of voice and Internet traffic, since of the maximum 1000 points, mts won 940.75. Based on the NETCHECK methodology, after the analysis of voice traffic, the mts network achieved 333.22 points out of the maximum 350, while in the measurement of Internet traffic, it won 607.53 points out of the maximum 650.

Saying that he was proud of the continuity in achieving exceptional mobile network performances, the chief technical officer of Telekom Srbija Đorđe Marović said that such results come after dedicated team work, expert approach of the employees and launching well designed strategic initiatives.

“I am convinced that it is of exceptional significance that we achieve such results in continuity, because they are the result of our efforts to always offer to our customers the supreme experience of using our mobile services. In all the key parameters, the mts network has proved to be superior, and this is exactly what we set as a priority for us – to ensure our services are top quality and available on the entire territory of Serbia. By this, we show that our network is ready for all technological challenges that regularly emerge in the dynamic industry, and for the transition to the next generation in the domain of mobile technologies”, said Đorđe Marović.

Detlef Cernik, the general manager of the NET CHECK company says: “The benchmarking results show that the mts customers of Telekom Srbija have the best customer experience in the domain of voice and data traffic. This is why mts can proudly say that it is the best mobile network”.

NET CHECK measurements and analyses were conducted in four large cities, eight medium-sized cities and 29 smaller towns, while testing while driving was done for 148 hours on city roads and 61 hours on local roads.  

NET CHECK is a German company which carries our research of mobile network quality throughout Europe, with an emphasis on the Austrian, German and Swiss markets. In its research the company combines engineering expertise and precise statistical methods.

A detailed report can be found at the following link.