Traditionally, pending the holiday season, the Mathematics High School has staged a gathering of former and current students, participants in the mathematics Olympiad, friends and sponsors of this famous school. The ceremony was organized as a sponsor’s evening with the aim of raising funds for students’ participation in international competitions and of rallying and linking students of different generations of the Mathematics High School, their teachers and sponsors and those who appreciate the success the students achieve internationally.

This year too, the “dr Dragomir Dimitrijević”, “Mihajlo Sporić” and “dr Olga Perković” awards were presented to the best contestants, and the headmistress of the school, Mirjana Katić, awarded thank-you letters to the golden and silver sponsors in 2023. Telekom Srbija received a Thank-you Letter as a  golden sponsor. On behalf of the Company, the award was received by the head of the PR Department, Marija Bošković.

Recognizing the importance of knowledge and special engagement, efforts and time invested in acquiring it, since 2010, our Company has rendered its support for young talents of the Mathematics High School. Over that period, they won an impressive 120 medals at international competitions, of which 45 gold, 39 silver and 36 bronze.

“On behalf of Telekom Srbija, I would like to say that we are all too glad to have been friends with such an important institution as the Mathematics High School and to be able to support the best among us – the students of this school. I believe that next year too, like they did in all previous years, they will achieve outstanding results at international competitions and be the best in the world. We are proud of them because young and intelligent people are what every society needs so much”, said the head of the PR Department, Marija Bošković.

Taking into account the fact that apart from persistence, continuity and personal sacrifice, timely support and encouragement are of great importance for the development of skills and gifts, our Company will continue to aid prospective scholars, experts and young creatives to achieve the highest level of their skills in the future as well.