Natali Delić

Chief Strategy and Digital Officer

Natali was born in 1975 in Bor and graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade, department for telecommunications in the year 2000.  Her first job was at the Mihajlo Pupin Institute in Belgrade, and in 2002 she joined Telekom Srbija where she worked in the information technology sector of Mobile Telephony of Serbia.

In 2008, she moved to the commercial division of Telekom Srbija and until 2013 led the sector for the development of products and services for residential customers.  During this period, she completed her MBA studies at Texas A&M – Commerce University.

In May 2013. she joined Vip mobile company operating within Telekom Austria Group as Director responsible for information technology and core telecommunication services. 

As of July 2015, within the A1 Telekom Austria Group, she took over the role of Executive Director for Technology and Information Technology for Serbian and Slovenian markets. In 2019, in addition to the CTIO position, she also took the role of senior manager responsible for transformation for Vip mobile and A1 Slovenia.

At the end of 2019, her efforts in digitalization, innovation and transformation have been rewarded with Agile Leader of the Year award by Agile Humans organization.

As chairman of the board of Data Science Serbia from August 2019 to the end of 2020, she played an active role in strengthening the field of data science and the application of artificial intelligence in Serbia, developing partnerships with business companies and institutions that are interested in further improving the economic power of Serbia through this area and helping the digitalization of society.

In 2020, she worked as an independent consultant and advisor on new technologies, business strategy and digital transformation, focusing on the impact that new technologies such as 5G, the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence have on business and society. At the same time, she launched a 5Gtalks platform in Serbia to discuss the opportunities new technologies are bringing, with the aim of raising awareness among the wider audience and in the industry.

She has continued her professional mission in 2021 within the framework of Telekom Srbija, to which she has returned after 8 years in the private sector, where she has taken over the position of director of the division responsible for strategy and digitalization.

In September 2022 she has joined executive board of Telekom Srbija, as Executive Board Member responsible for Strategy and Digital.

Natali has three master’s degrees: Master of Electrical Engineering from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade, Master of Management from the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade, and Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Texas A&M-Commerce University from the USA.

In addition, she holds certificates of completion of MIT courses for executive managers (Massachusetts Institute of Technology): Artificial Intelligence-Implications for Business Strategies and Internet of Things- Business Implications and Opportunities, as well as Agile and Scrum Master’s certificate from Agile Humans.

She believes continuous learning is necessary to be able to adapt to fast changing business and life environment and that is how sustainable and resilient business can be built. That is why she invests in her knowledge and openly shares it with others through active participation of various conferences and forums, often as a keynote lecturer, on the topics of leadership, the application of new technologies and their impact on organizations and society.

Some of her articles, interviews, lecture, podcasts s and panels are available at the following links: