Vladimir Lučić

CEO of Telekom Srbija

Mr. Vladimir Lučić serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Telekom Srbija since December 2020.

Mr. Lučić holds a BSc in Electrical Engineering from the University of Belgrade and earned his MBA in Sales and Marketing from the Kurt Bosch Institute in Switzerland (2008 – 2010).

In 1996, he started his career at JP PTT, the Serbian postal service, in the telephony sector and has worked in Sweden and in Germany as an engineer. Prior to assuming his current role at Telekom Srbija, Vladimir Lučić held various senior executive positions within the organization and contributed into transforming it into a regional leader.

In brief, from 2003 to 2008, he held positions as the Director of Mobile Telephony, helping to establish mts as Serbia’s largest fixed-line, mobile, and internet communication operator and then in 2008 as the Director for Commercial Affairs. During that time, the company acquired Telekom Srpske in Bosnia and Herzegovina and a mobile telephony license in Montenegro, where Mr. Lučić served as the Executive Director of m:tel CG and he personally oversaw the building of the mobile network in only 77 working days, a world record for such an undertaking.

Under his leadership, the company became the largest operator in the country, moving it from third to first in terms of number of users. Since 2015, m:tel CG has started to develop fixed internet and TV services and within five years has become a market leader. In 2016, Mr. Lučić was named Best Manager in Montenegro by the Association of Managers.

Since July 2018, in addition to the position of the Executive Director of m:tel CG, he also held the position of Telekom Srbija Group Internet and Multimedia Coordinator, which allowed him to spearhead much of the Group’s expansion from a traditional provider of fixed and mobile telephony into a strong pan-regional multimedia business. Under his management, more than 15 cable operators were acquired, which have subsequently been unified under the Supernova brand. In addition, he has driven Telekom Srbija’s move into content production and its establishment as the leading exclusive content provider in the region. In 2019 alone, Telekom Srbija produced over 10,000 hours of original content.

Mr. Lučić has led strategic partnerships with Euronews, Bloomberg, Premier League, the Spanish and Portuguese football championships, a six-year cooperation agreement with the NBA in the United States and a partnership with Spotify, the audio streaming and media services provider.

High-quality future oriented infrastructure remains the heart of the business and under his leadership; the company will continue to expand its fiber program to provide more comprehensive and faster 4G coverage, preparing markets for 5G and IOT which is done by another strategical partnership with European Investment Bank (EIB).

Moreover, Mr. Lučić’s vision was introduced in the establishing of Telekom Srbija’s Corporate Venture Capital Fund, that has been set up as a first CVC Fund in this part of Europe for investing in early stage startup ideas. In terms of the future, furthermore, building a sustainable business and an active community partner will remain his core values.

Mr Lučić is married and father of three children.