Tatjana Mandić

Chef Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer

Economics graduate. Graduated in 1991 from the Faculty of Economics of the University of Montenegro in Podgorica, first in her class.

Started working experience in 1991 at PE PTT Montenegro, where she worked as an accounting manager; since 1999, worked at Montenegro Post, occupying the position of Head Accountant. In the telecommunications Company “MTEL” LLC since its establishment, first as a coordinator of the business group for invoicing, management and collection of receivables, and since 2008 as the Chief Financial Officer. In June 2013, assumed the position of Deputy Director of the Economic Affairs Department, and on December 15, 2016, appointed as the Director of the Economic Affairs Department.

During employment, worked on all major projects in the company, the most important of which are the introduction of the accounting and financial application solution Navision, the acquisition of cable operators, and their integration into MTEL. During 2012, was the authorized representative of the company Fibernet LLC, and in the period from when MTEL became the 100% owner of Media Net until the moment of its integration into the Company, the Executive Director of Media Net.

Since 2018, worked as a member of the Telekom Srbija Group team on the acquisition of around 20 cable operators that have joined Telekom Srbija, and worked on the SAP implementation project in the Company and was the leader of the electronic fiscalization implementation project.

Holds a number of certificates in the field of accounting as well as a certificate of a chartered certified accountant under the program of ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants).

In addition to the position of the Chief Financial Officer, since June 11, 2021, upon the appointment of the Company’s Board of Directors, occupies the position of Chief Executive Officer of the Telecommunications Company “MTEL” LLC.

Received numerous recognitions and awards, and named the best manager in Montenegro in the category ECONOMY by the Montenegrin Employers Federation.

Mother of two children.